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On Sunday night, February 24, Justin Smith, a 17 year-old LaSalle High School Student, was murdered trying to buy pot in Cincinnati.  Smith, accompanied by a couple friends, was attempting to buy off a street dealer in South Fairmont, a neighborhood long in decline.  Per police reports, Smith or one of his friends attempted to […]

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“El Chapo” Guzman, reputed kingpin of the Sinaloa Mexican Drug Cartel, has been designated as Public Enemy No. 1 by the Chicago Crime Commission.  Guzman joins Al Capone as only the second gangster in the city’s history to be labeled as a Public Enemy No. 1.  Guzman, who to anyone’s knowledge has never stepped foot […]

6 years, 7 months ago Comments Off on The End of Marijuana Prohibition
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When speaking to groups about the possibility of legalized marijuana, I used to say that it was going to happen but probably not in my lifetime.  I’ve changed my mind! No, I’m not on some super-vitamin regimen nor engaged in a new life-prolonging fitness routine.  But the social landscape on marijuana prohibition is changing quickly […]