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Of the plethora of organizations that support the War on Drugs, the Partnership for Drug Free America is certainly near the top in terms of power and influence.  Started in the midst of the crack cocaine epidemic in the mid-1980’s, the Partnership used media experts to design anti-drug abuse advertising campaigns.  They are probably best […]

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I just returned from a family vacation in Puerto Rico.  It was my first trip to the island.  First, the good news — It is absolutely beautiful.  The beaches and countryside are gorgeous.    The history on the island is fascinating and the El Morro Fort is a must see.  Old San Juan is a shopping […]

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A key question for those who advocate for continued drug prohibition is this — Has the War on Drugs made our communities safer? The question arises due to a recent conversation I had with one of my students at a local college.  She grew up in California, attending school in a drug and gang ridden […]