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6 years ago Comments Off on Heroin — The War on Drugs’ Largest Failure??
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Heroin use has been a primary target of the War of Drugs since its inception in 1971.  A fair question to ask — How has the War on Drugs impacted heroin use? The short answer is that the heroin problem is the worst it has ever been and by any standard other than counting people […]

6 years ago Comments Off on Krocodil — The Drug that Eats You Alive!!
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Reported use of the drug nicknamed Krocodil in Arizona have been pounced on by the media.  The drug, which originated in Siberia, leaves crocodile-like green scales near injection sites, accounting for the drug’s nickname.  The drug is made by mixing ground-up  codeine-type medicine with iodine, gasoline and paint thinner.  The drug spread rapidly in Russia […]