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5 years, 5 months ago Comments Off on Easter Eggs and Dirty Needles
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Thousands of American children participated in Easter egg hunts this past Sunday.  But in  some places, there was another, more serious hunt before the kids’ event began.  In Northern Kentucky, ravaged by the heroin problem, police and fire fighters spent the hours before the Easter egg hunt combing the park for dirty needles.  (Full story […]

5 years, 6 months ago Comments Off on Marijuana Prohibition on its Death Bed
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Comcast, one of the nation’s largest cable TV providers, has approved advertising for medical marijuana.  The advertisements, which will only be shown late night, will provide a link to physicians who are licensed for medical marijuana.  (See full story) The reaction from prohibition supporters was predictable hysteria. Kevin Sabet, who has emerged as one of […]