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Attorney General Eric Holder made the news twice in recent days. Last week, Holder recommended that all police-intervention deaths (like Michael Brown/Eric Garner) be reported to a national data base on police use of force.  Currently not all police departments are required to report such deaths. Let’s give Holder  credit for a common sense recommendation.  […]

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Dr. George Lundberg has been writing on addictions since 1969.  He writes with a refreshing honesty and without concern for political correctness.  He recently authored a short piece on drug policy in Medscape, an on-line publication for health professionals. In the article, he describes his own approach to drug policy issues in the framework of […]

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I had an uncle who was an extremely argumentative guy. When he would get frustrated during his many heated discussions, he’d thunder “Don’t try to confuse me with the facts!!”  My uncle would have felt right at home in the high-volume tenor of the current debate on police force issues.  If we are truly ready […]