Howard Rahtz was a police officer when the Crack epidemic hit Cincinnati and as the concern for drugs overtook the priorities of the police department, he could see that the successes in seizures didn’t make a dent in the drug trade.
Rahtz sees three tenants to the drug war that demand a change in policy.

  • • Effectiveness: The Drug War is clearly not fulfilling any of its goals to reduce drug use or keep us safe.
  • • Cost: In the midst of this economic crisis, we can’t continue to throw more money down the drug war sewer.
  • • Basic Fairness: How do we explain to people we are locking you up for the same behavior Presidents, Governors, and Supreme Court Justices have participated in?


Howard Rahtz believes a new approach is needed and hopes an Obama Presidency will show some leadership on this issue. “The prohibition approach has filled our jails, criminalized millions of our citizens, provided a financial windfall for international and local criminal groups, and somehow we never tire of pretending it is working.”