The latest poll on teen drug use found that today’s kids’ perception of the risks associated with marijuana has reached a 20-year low.  Further, the teens’ view of the pot’s risk drop as the teens grow older.  The results are from an annual survey of teen drug use that has tracked teen attitudes toward drug use since the 1970’s.  Click here for the full story.

What does it mean for the War on Drugs?  In my opinion, it is another piece of data added to the mountain of evidence that our 40-year War on Drugs is a complete failure.  Even federal authorities sound a pessimistic note with one official describing the finding as a “signal of future increases in use.”

What now?  The finding should accelerate the national debate on widespread legalization of marijuana.  My view is the legalization cannot come soon enough.  Marijuana proceeds represent 60% of the drug cartels’ revenue and moving their number one product to a legal, regulated market will be a major blow to their business.