The killing of a Cincinnati man, David Chandler, had all the hallmarks of a typical “drug deal gone bad.”  (See Blinking Murder Trial)  Chandler owed drug dealer Ricardo Woods money.  If that were not enough, Woods also found out that Chandler had been buying drugs from another dealer.  Enraged over being stiffed on the drug money and Chandler’s business with another dealer, prosecutors claim Woods hunted down Chandler and shot him in the head.

Chandler survived the initial gunshot and that is where this case departed from the thousands like it that occur every day in every city in this country.  Chandler was unable to speak as a result of his injuries, but detectives found he was conscious  and able to communicate by blinking his eyes.  Woods was a suspect in the shooting, known to the police by his street name  “O”.  Chandler, following the detective’s instructions, blinked three times when presented with the letter “O” on an alphabet tablet held by the officer.  Chandler also blinked three times when then presented with a picture of Woods and asked if Woods was the individual who had shot him.  Chandler died two weeks after the shooting.

Attorneys for Woods are fighting the identification and a judge will rule on on its admissibility in February.