If you are tired and occasionally disgusted with our two major political parties, you might want to check out the Libertarian Party.  Over the past couple months, I’ve been a speaker at some Libertarian events and I find their position on drug policy and other issues a refreshing change from the “same ole, same ole”  pablum doled out by mainstream politicians.

At Miami University in Oxford, OH, I met Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico.  I also had the pleasure of again speaking with Jim Gray, a former judge and Johnson’s running mate.  Jim Gray and I share two things in common — we both served in the Peace Corps and both of us are active in Law Enforcement Against Prohibition or LEAP.  These guys are speaking common sense on drugs and other issues and you should check them out. (Libertarian Party website)

Last night at the University of Toledo, the campus Libertarian group sponsored me as a speaker as part of the University’s Prison Awareness Project.  The program was well attended and we had a good discussion of the issues.  I want to provide a special thanks to Ken Sharp, head of the campus Libertarian Group, who did a masterful job in coordinating the event.